Troubleshooting common Mail Merge issues

If the mail merge is not working as you would expect, the following may help you in your troubleshooting process.

  • Ensure that the Word document you are using is compatible with MS Word 2007 and above or that the file extension ends in .docx.
  • When adding the document to your library, ensure that you're selecting the option of "Mail Merge Template (Word)".  You can verify whether your added document was added correctly by using the "Filter Document Library" drop down menu and selecting the "Mail Merge Template (Word)" option.

If your fields are not showing up correctly after adding the file, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue

  • Ensure pre defined fields are surrounded by curly brackets {} and that custom fields are surrounded by forward slashes //.  An example of a pre defined field would be {FIRSTNAME} and a custom field would be /Custom 10/.
  • Copy the document and paste it into Word (or equivalent document program) with all spell check and grammar check features turned off.  When the document has been copied, delete the variable completely that isn't appearing, re-type the variable, save your document and re-upload the document using this version without formatting contained within it.
  • If any stylizing is applied to your text (bold, italics or underlining as an example) ensure you have the brackets stylized as well.  {FIRSTNAME} will work without issue, but {FIRSTNAME} will return an error.

Information on setting up mail merge documents can be found in the following Knowledge Base article.

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