Intellective Filter Caller Access

VanillaSoft allows an Admin to give Callers the ability to build or change their own filters if they would like to limit the kinds of leads they’re seeing in their routing queues. 

On the Intellective Filter Caller Access page:

  • To allow Callers to build their own filters, an administrator must first select the fields they have access to filter by. This is done by selecting the “Add/Remove Available Fields…” option.
    • This opens a window with all of your VanillaSoft fields. Checking a box will make that field eligible for your Callers to use to build or change filters.
    • When you are satisfied with the fields you have selected click “Apply Selection”.
  • Once fields are selected as noted in the previous step, you can choose which Caller is eligible to build or change Routing Filters and/or Proximity Filters by checking the box under either Routing Filters and/or Proximity Routing next to the appropriate Caller.
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