Geolocation Filters

(This article describes Geolocation Filters, which are a type of Intellective Routing Filter. For  information on the other type of Intellective Routing Filter, click Routing Filters.)

A Geolocation Filter is a Routing Filter containing Contacts that are located within an area that you draw on a map. Your Contacts must have geolocation information (ie. latitude & longitude) to use this feature. Once you draw and save the area, and then assign it to a User or Team, only Contacts within that area will be routed to that User or Team.

To create a new Geolocation Filter:

  1. Go into your project, navigate under Workflow/Routing > Intellective Routing.
  2. Ensure that the Geolocation Filters tab is active and and then click the 'Manage Geolocation Filters' button.
  3. This will load the “Geolocation Filter Manager”.  From here you’ll be able to add new Custom Areas, view the filters available and unavailable to Callers, enable and disable Directional Routing, edit or delete Custom Areas.
  4. You first need to find the location on the map where you want to draw an area by either entering a city, zip code or street address into the search box, or by zooming into an area directly on the map.
  5. Click on the ‘Add Geolocation Filter’ button and start drawing an area by clicking on the map. You can click as many points as you want on the map, with the only restriction that lines cannot cross each other.
  6. Complete your area by ending it at the starting point (the red pin), at which point your area will be shaded blue. Once your area is complete, enter a Filter Name and click Save.

(As with other Intellective Filters, once you create a Geolocation Filter you must go to the Filter Assignment page to assign it to a User or Team before it is applied.)

  • The “Available to Callers” checkbox will allow your Callers to select this saved Custom Area from their list of available filters on their MyCRM page.
  • Within your Custom Area you can dictate a starting point that leads should route from first. Leads will then route from this point in order of closest to furthest away.
    • To enable this feature, check the “Enable Directional Routing” box underneath the filter name.
    • Once enabled, a white flag outlined in blue will appear within your Area. Click and hold the flag to move it to where you would like leads to route first.
  • If you would like to delete the Custom Area you are currently editing, click the “Delete” button.
  • To edit the Area you have created select the “Redraw” button. This will remove the area you have currently built and ask you to redraw it.
  • To finish editing your Custom Area, click the “Save” button.
  • A list of all of your previously saved Custom Areas will appear below the main menu options. Clicking on any of their names will load the Custom Area in question.
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