How To Set Up SMS Forwarding and Notification

When using a VanillaSoft VoIP line with SMS enabled, you have the option to setup SMS notifications which forward the message to a desired number. This makes it much easier to stay in touch with your clients by never missing a text. 

To Setup SMS Notification/Forwarding:

1. Go to the ConnectMeVoice User Portal by clicking here.
2. Enter your 11-digit VanillaSoft VoIP line number, extension if applicable, and password (access code).
3. From the left-hand pane, select Control Panel then Extension.
4. Select the Notifications section from the top.
5. Click Add New Notification.
6. From the top-left drop down listed as Option, select SMS Text then enter your cell phone number in the box below.
7. You now have the option to set the schedule you would like to have the notification active but as a default, it will apply for all times.
8. Click Save and you are done. 

To note: SMS forwarding/notification will send you a text showing you the number that texting you as well as the message. Do not reply to this message as the notification SMS will come from your VanillaSoft's VoIP line's server and NOT the client. If you wish to reply to the client, you will have to start a new text using the number that was sent to you in the notification message. There is no option to forward the original message so it would come from the client directly, there is only the option to setup a notification which lists all the needed information. 

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