How to use Proximity as a Routing Filter

Callers may filter their queue down to contacts who are located in a certain proximity (radius of miles) of a zip/postal code.  First, an Admin will need to enable this feature for a caller. 

To enable Proximity Routing:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select the Project
  3. Go to Workflow/Routing
  4. Select Routing Filters
  5. Go to My Routing Filters Access
  6. Check mark the Proximity Routing field box (at this time you may also choose any other fields you want to allow filtering by)
  7. Select individual User or All Users to give this feature to
  8. Save

To use Proximity Routing:

  1. Login as a Caller
  2. Go to My CRM
  3. Go to Proximity Routing
  4. Enter the distance in miles from the center of a zip/postal code for your proximity
  5. Enter the desired zip/postal code
  6. Save

Now you will only be routed queued calls that are in that geographical area.  After you have completed those calls you may go back to the Proximity Routing page and either update the distance and zip/postal code or click "Clear" to take off the proximity routing filter all together.

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