What does Result Action mean?

The Result Action is used to determine where a contact will go back into the call queue after using a particular Result Code.  Below is a brief description of how each Result Action works:

  1. Schedule a Callback - With this Result Action the user will pick a specific date and time to calendar a call back for the contact. The callback will appear on the Calendar and will be a TOP PRIORITY for routing when it is due.
  2. Retry In - With this Result Action the contact will be placed back into the queue and scheduled for priority routing based on the retry in period (i.e. retry in 4 hours). The contact will route behind Scheduled, Calendared calls and new web leads but ahead of uncalled contacts and End of Queue contacts. Caution: It is important not to overly rely on the Retry In action as this can result in the same contacts constantly coming up to the detriment of new contacts.
  3. End of Queue, Minimum  - With this Result Action the contact will be placed back into the queue and will become available for routing after the minimum time period (i.e. End of Queue Minimum 16 hours). The minimum time period suppresses the contact and ensures that the contact does not come back too soon. End of Queue contacts route after Scheduled Callbacks, available, due Retry in's, Uncalled contacts or End of Queue contacts that have not been called as recently.
  4. Close Contact - With this Result Action the closed flag on the contact will be set and it will be unflagged. This pulls it out of the queue so that it no longer routes. The contact can be brought back into the queue by re-opening and re-flagging it.
  5. Stop Trying (un-flag) - This Result Action is not frequently used, and is only designed for managers that wish to actively control their calling queue through flagging and unflagging in Contact Management.
  6. Rule Based Routing - This Result Action is used to build your own custom ruled as to where you would like a contact to go back into the queue.  Search "Rule Based" for how to build your own Rule Based Result Action
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