How to group contacts from the same company using CorporateView

CorporateView allows you to associate multiple contacts (what we call Corporate Contacts) based on one common trait, such as company name. When CorporateView is enabled, VanillaSoft will use the CorporateKey field that you specify to display two new tabs in the call history: Corporate Call History and Corporate Contacts.

When a contact routes that has corporate contacts associated with it, a salesperson can easily navigate to any of the contacts in that list.

Note: the CorporateView feature works only within a Project.

To enable CorporateView:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Page Layout
  4. Select Corporate View
  5. Check Corporate View Enabled
  6. Save Changes
  7. Select a Corporate Key - This may be the company field or any custom field.  This field will be referenced to link together the contacts
  8. Save
All Contact's having the same data in the field chosen as the Corporate Key will now be associated.
VanillaSoft offers two others options to this feature:
  • Enable Corporate View Automatic Ownership and Flagging - When this is checked, automatic logic will be applied to assign multiple contacts from the same company to the same caller upon importing and with the resulting of a call. If multiple contacts are imported for a new company, only the first imported contact will be flagged for routing. After that contact has been routed and resulted, then the other contacts for the same company will be flagged and ownership will be assigned to the salesperson who made the call. This prevents contacts from the same company going to multiple salespeople. Existing ownership or ownership specified on import will not be affected. If a contact is imported for a company already in the system and for which ownership has already been assigned, then the new lead will automatically be assigned the same ownership upon import.
  • Allow Callers to Open/Close Contacts - If this is checked, users will also have the ability to open or close contacts from the same company under The Corporate Contacts tab. The Corporate History tab will display the collective call history for the company, i.e. all calls made to contacts within that company. This gives the salesperson an overview of contacts and activity for the entire company. 


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