How to Import Contacts

There are multiple ways to import contacts into your VanillaSoft project. In this article, we will go over the process on how to import contacts from a spreadsheet. If you would like to import contacts from a web lead source, the article How to Set Up Incoming Web Leads will overview that process.

Note: Your spreadsheet must be saved in the CSV file format.



Importing Contacts from Spreadsheet

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. From the Admin side, select the project that you want the contacts to be imported to.
  3. In the Contacts & Reports section, select Import Contacts to open the Import Wizard.
  4. Select Choose File and browse to your CSV spreadsheet.
  5. If you have saved mapping, you can select it within the Import Mapping drop-down otherwise make sure the Import Method is as desired and select Next.
  6. Here you will be mapping all the fields you would like to import. VanillaSoft Field indicates the fields listed in VanillaSoft and Import File Field indicates the fields listed in your spreadsheet. Once you have verified all the fields have been mapped properly, select Start Import.
  7. You will then be brought to a screen showing the status of this import as well as all your previous imports. At this time, you are free to navigate away to a different section as this will not affect your import.


There are a couple different statuses that you may see:

  • Queued - Your import is queued and should begin shortly.
  • Processing - Your import is in process and should be finished shortly.
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