Missing data after importing

If after importing a new file of contacts, you are missing data, the import file was probably mapped incorrectly or data was not in correct format.  This can happen:

  • If you forgot to map field/s at the time of import
  • When you use a Saved Mapping and the imported file layout did not match
  • Data is formatted incorrectly i.e. phone numbers were not 10 digits, date fields were not dates etc.

To import the same file again correctly, be sure to delete the first import by:

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Go to Imports
  3. Click delete icon (x) next to the incorrect import

Import file again making sure to:

  • Check the mapping before you Start Import. A preview is given that shows the data in the first two rows of the file being imported
  • Make sure the data format in VanillaSoft matches the import file

Note: American phone numbers must be 10 digits long to be imported correctly into Vanillasoft. If phone numbers are for a different country please set up your project for international dialing on the Project Details page (under Dialing & Recording).

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