Search for Contacts in Proximity of a Zip Code

Proximity Searching is the ability to search for contacts that are in a user defined "Radius in Miles" from the center of a zip/postal code.

From the Admin side the Search Contacts page will always show the Radius in Miles as a filter.

To enable a Caller to search by Radius in Miles:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Search Fields (under Page Layout)
  4. Check the box next to Radius from Zip/Postal Code
  5. Save

To use proximity searching, enter a Zip/Postal Code and enter the desired number of miles distance in the Radius in Miles field. Once the search is launched, all contacts found within the specified circle will be returned. All other search fields can be used in conjunction with Radius in Miles field. 


  • This feature is only available to users in projects set on Dialing Country of US/Canada.
  • All proximity features currently work based on Zip Code. Some Zip Codes cover more area than others, so the accuracy will vary. The database is updated quarterly.
  • In the US, hundreds of zip codes are changed per year.  Please use this link to the USPS site for the definitive zip code guide:!input.action?mode=2&refresh=true
  • For the US, searches are based on the 5-digit zip (e.g. 90210) code only.  If the +4 digit carrier route is present it is ignored. Canadian Postal Codes can be searched with both the official format A9A 9A9 as well as postal codes without the space (e.g. A9A9A9).


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