How to update contacts using a Contact Management query

To batch update contacts using a Contact Management query:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Select Contact Management
  4. Go to Build a New Query
  5. Select desired field/s needed to display or filter by and add to Selected fields
  6. Select the desired filter type and values to filter down to the Contacts you wish to update
  7. Go To Run Query
  8. View to make certain you have filtered down to the correct contacts that you want to update.  Updated Contacts CANNOT BE REVERSED.  See suggestion below*
  9. Go to Perform Task and select Update Contacts
  10. Checkmark ONLY the fields whose value you wish to replace
  11. Enter NEW value you wish to update the corresponding field to (If you leave the value blank you will be updating that field's value to blank also)
  12. Go To Update
  13. Pop up will ask if you are sure you want to Update, respond OK or Cancel
  14. After VanillaSoft is finished with your update you will be returned to the original Query Results page
  15. You will now see your field with it's new populated value unless the new value filters out the contacts due to criteria of the query, in which case your Query Results will say "Your query returned no results"

*SUGGESTION FOR NOVICE USERS: between steps #9 and #10 you may want to Perform Task of Export Results as a backup of your data in the case of undesired results.

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