Update Contacts Using a Contact Management Query

Contact Management gives you the power to create your own custom queries to perform many tasks such as:

  • Show list of Query Results
  • Flag contacts to put into your call queue
  • UnFlag contacts to be taken out of your call queue
  • Batch update contact information
  • Export contacts to an Excel file
  • Blast Tag & Email Contacts for marketing campaigns
  • Mail-Merge contacts with a PDF form
  • Delete contacts

To batch update contacts using a Contact Management query:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select a Project
  3. Select Contact Management
  4. Click on an existing query or select Build a New Query
  5. Select your desired fields needed to display or filter by and add to Selected fields
  6. For each field, select a filter and values to filter down to the Contacts you wish to update
  7. Click on Run Query
  8. Review the results to be certain you have filtered down to the correct contacts you want to update.  Note: Updated Contacts CANNOT BE REVERSED.  See suggestion below*
  9. Go to Perform Task and select Update Contacts
  10. Checkmark ONLY the fields whose value you wish to replace
  11. Enter a NEW value you wish to update the corresponding field to (If you leave the value blank you will be updating that field's value to blank.)
  12. Go To Update
  13. You will be asked if you are sure you want to go ahead with the update. If yes, click OK.
  14. After VanillaSoft is finished with your update you will be returned to the original Query Results page
  15. You will now see your field with it's new populated value unless the new value filters out the contacts due to criteria of the query, in which case your Query Results will say "Your query returned no results"

*SUGGESTION FOR NOVICE USERS: between steps #9 and #10 you may want to Perform Task of Export Results as a backup of your data in the case of undesired results.

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