VanillaSoft VoIP (ConnectMe Voice) PBX Star Codes

 Hosted PBX Quick Reference

Star Codes




Barge in to a call. Same as *97+extension then pressing 2.



Toggle Night Mode for the Main box




Toggle Night mode for the specified extension or use a did for a did box. 



Login/Logout call center agent



Login/Logout call center queue

*67+phone number


Outbound call with caller id blocking




Activate call forwarding




Deactivate call forwarding




Park call in valet parking lot




Pickup call from valet parking lot




Intercepts a call on the specified extension only if there is a call ringing on the extensions.



Call into subscriber mode for the main box




Call into the extension’s subscriber mode




Intercepts the last calling ringing.


*96+extension or ringgroup






Eavesdrop 0=listen only, 1=speak with other half, 2=speak with user, 3=three way call



Dial into extension’s voicemail box to leave a message



Cal into subscriber mode for this phone.


*268 (*CMV)


ConnectMe Customer Service


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