How to enter a formula into a custom field formatted as a formula

To enter a formula into a custom field formatted as a formula:           

  1. Formulas can contain the following math operators:  *  /  +  -  (  )                                   
  2. To reference an Other Information field in your formula, surround it with square brackets. Example of a tax calculation:  [Amount] * 0.15                                   
  3. Additional functions are:                                           
    • SQRT(expression): Calculates square root of expression                                           
    • POWER(expression, y): Raises expression to the power of y
    • ROUND(expression, x): Rounds expression to x digits after decimal                                           
    • ABS(expression): Calculates absolute value of expression
    • Note: expression denotes either a value, a reference to a field or any calculation on such                        
  4. Formula Example:  ( [Amount] - ( [Amount] * [Discount] ) ) * 1.15
    • The above formula makes a Total calculation by applying a discount contained in another field and adds taxes of 15%.                                                
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