How to add & format custom fields

How to add & format custom fields:

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Field Customization
  4. Data enter a new field name and click Add
  5. Select your custom field from the menu box
  6. You may format or rename your field in the box to the right


  • This option affects how the field is displayed on the Contact page.
    • Always- the field displays on both the Contact page as well as the "Add" and "Edit" forms regardless of whether any data is present in the field for that contact.
    • When Data is Present- the field only displays on the Contact page and on the "Add" and "Edit" forms if there is data in the field. If no data is present, the user needs to add the field from a drop-down list under Add/Edit Contact.
    • Only on Admin Screens- the field only displays on the Contact Edit page on the admin side.


  • Allow Callers to Edit- enables users to edit the information in the field
  • Allow Callers to Search- enables the field to be one of the search filters
  • Allow Multiple Selections- (only available when Menu type is chosen)  This allows multiple entries from a menu to be added to this field.

Field Type:

  • Input- configures the field for manual data
  • Menu- configures the field as a drop-down list. Once you select Menu as your field type the Menu Names table will appear to add your menu items
  • Formula-  allows you to do calculations using other Other Info fields

Data Type:

  • Any Text– The field can contain any type of information, including characters and numbers.
  • Multi-Line Text– display as multiple lines in order to make data entry easier in the case of fields that will contain longer text sequences.
  • Web Link– If the field is a Web Link it is presented as clickable.
  • Formatted Number- formatted as an integer and only digits may be entered.
  • Currency- Values will be validated for currency and will calculate as such. Value will display as entered such as: 7,000, 7,000.00, $7,000, $7,000.00.
  • Percentage- Will validate for integers and decimal point and will automatically show % sign and calculate as percentage.
  • Date or Date/Time - The field can contain date or date/time entries. Valid input formats include 12/31/2014, 12/31/2014 10:00 AM, December 31, 2014, and December 31, 2014 10:00.

Note: Validate Data - The 'Validate Data' button can be used when you are converting an existing Other Info Field into a new Data Type. The system checks all of the existing data in the field and reports whether there is any data that is invalid. If invalid data is present, you can locate the relevant contacts by running a Contact Management query using that field and selecting the 'is invalid' filter. The data can then either be corrected manually or by batch update.

Data Max Length (Only for input type fields):

  • A maximum character length can be applied to each custom field with the exception of Menu Fields, Formula fields and Multi-Line Text fields. When a user enters information into the field the system will validate that the maximum number of characters has not been surpassed. Validation is not carried out when importing, to Web leads or for a Contact Management update.

Item Scoring (Only for Menu type fields):

  • This enables each menu item to be associated with a number score.  These scores may then be used for calculating in an additional field to determine a lead score.




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