Menu item scoring / Lead Scoring

VanillaSoft's menu item scoring feature allows you to assign a numerical value to menu items in a custom field. These values can then be referenced by  formula fields in order to give a lead score.

  1. Create a menu type custom field. At the bottom of the list of menu items is a checkbox <Use Menu Item Scoring>. When checked a box will appear beside each menu items in order to enter a score.
  2. Enter the desired numerical value into the Score box beside each menu item that corresponds to the value of that response.
  3. Once you have finished creating all of the custom fields with menu item scoring, you can create a formula field that references the scores in the custom field.

Example: A project has the two custom fields with the corresponding menu items and scores

Our contact is the

Primary decision maker  5

Secondary decision maker  3

Non-decision maker  1

Budget is approved

Yes  5

No   2


There is also a formula custom field designed to calculate the lead score

Lead Score:  [Our contact is the]  + [Budget is approved]


If during the call with a contact the salesperson gathers that the contact is the secondary decision maker and that budget is approved then the Lead Score field will indicate a value of 8, i.e. 3 + 5.


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