How to set up outgoing webleads

Outgoing Web leads gives you the power to send information automatically out of VanillaSoft in the form of either XML or an HTTP Form POST based on the triggers that you define.  To set up outgoing webleads:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Lead Integration
  4. Go To Outgoing Web Leads
  5. Click Add Outgoing Weblead
  6. Fill out the following fields:
  • Active - web leads are only exported if this has been check marked
  • Web Lead Name – Assign a name for the outgoing web lead. i.e. Qualified Clients
  • Description – a description of the outgoing web lead, i.e. Post qualified contacts to our internal database
  • Posting URL – this is the web address where the data will be sent.
  • Post Format – data is sent either as XML or HTTP Form POST.
  • Number of Retries on Error – if an error occurs while sending out the data, VanillaSoft will retry this many times every 30 seconds before stopping.
  • Email on Error – Email Address(es) that is sent a detailed message if an error occurs while sending out the data.
  • Send Data Email on Last Error – checkmark to send data after Rtries have been exhausted
  • Email last error details to - Email Adress(es) that will recieve a formatted email of the data that could not be sent after the configured number of retries.
  • Expected Response on XML Success – This text is used to match against the return value of the XML Posting URL. If VanillaSoft sees the Expected
    Response, then it will consider the post a success. Otherwise this post is considered a failure and will email and/or retry based on the
    settings above. If left blank, VanillaSoft will look for a Response Text of "success" or starts with "<ReturnValue>SUCCESS</ReturnValue>"
  • Result Code Triggers -Select the Result Codes that you want to send the web lead post

....and Save

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