Manage Quick Result Call List

The Quick Result Call list is the list of Result Codes that show up on the far-right of the caller screen. This allows for a 1-click action to result the contact and move to the next in the queue. There are a few restrictions as to what can be displayed in this section however. 


Quick Result Call Restrictions

  • Limit of 20 - You are able to select up to 20 Result Codes to view in the Quick Result list. If you have more than 20 Result Codes, you will have to select which ones you would like to be part of the Quick Result list. 
  • No Action Required - If the Result Code requires any kind of action, you are not able to have it seen in the Quick Result list. This means if the caller has to schedule a callback/appointment, select any kind of date, assign it to another user, assign a lead status, there are any Data Collection Prompts configured, etc., it will not be available for this list. To result a contact with one of these Result Codes, the caller must click on Results at the top of the Quick Result list to view all available Result Codes. 


Configuring Quick Result Call List

  1. Login to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Select the project you want to configure the list for.
  3. From the menu at the top, go into the Workflow/Routing menu and select Result Codes.
  4. From here, click on the Quick Result Call section.
  5. Configure the list as desired then click Save. 

With each section offering different configurations, use the information below to ensure you fully utilize each area to maximize efficiency and productivity. 

  • Quick Result Call box shows section allows you to select if you want to display the First 8 eligible Result Codes, First 20 eligible Result Codes, or give you the option to pick and choose which Result Codes you would like to display. 
  • Result Codes for Team gives you the option to set a Quick Result lists specific for each team. This means you have have a certain list for one team, and a completely different list for another team. 
  • Eligible Result Codes will show you the list of all Result Codes that are available to be part of the Quick Result list. If you do not see a Result Code in this section, it is most likely because there is an action required to select this Result Code.
  • Quick Result Codes shows you a list of the current Result Code(s) that will show in the Quick Result list. To add result codes to this list, select the desired Result Code(s) from the Eligible Result Codes list, then click the mceclip0.png button. To remove from this list, select the desired Result Code(s) from the Quick Result Codes list, then click the mceclip1.png button. Once your list has all the Result Codes you would like to display, you can use the mceclip2.png and mceclip3.png buttons to organize your list. 
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