How to set up automatic email notifications upon change of lead status

Lead Status Notification Emails are meant for internal email communications as an alert that a contact's lead status has changed.  The emails do not go to the Contact itself.

To automatically send a Lead Status Change Email Notification use the following steps:

Step 1: Create the Notification Email Template. 

Go to: if instructions are needed

Step 2: Setup the Lead Status to trigger sending the Email Template

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Email&Docs
  4. Select Lead Status
  5. If needed, add new Lead Status
  6. For the desired Lead Status/es to trigger the email notifications
    • Check mark the Notify box
    • Select the appropriate Email Template and
    • Enter the email address/es to send email template
  7. Save

Step 3: Ensure Result Codes are set-up correctly to update the Lead Status

  1. Go to Result Codes
  2. From Lead Status Change column update the desired result codes to automatically or allow User Choice
  3. Save

NOTE: All email notifications are triggered by the actual value of the lead status, not the result code. If a result code is used twice on a contact "changing" it to the same lead status, the email notification is only sent on the first result code.


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