How to interact with your Infusionsoft account

If you are using InfusionSoft for your marketing automation and VanillaSoft for your sales calls you may utilize the following method to open a corresponding InfusionSoft contact from the VanillaSoft contact screen.  After set up is completed you will be able to click inside your Caller script area on the InfusionSoft Link to open the corresponding contact.  To set up:

Step 1:

  1. Login to VanillaSoft as an Admin
  2. Create a custom field named INFUSION ID
  3. Export desired file of contacts from InfusionSoft including the INFUSION ID
  4. Import your InfusionSoft file making sure to map the INFSUSION ID from your file into your newly created VanillaSoft field named INFUSION ID

Step 2:

  1. Open a contact record in Infusionsoft and copy the URL link for that record. It should look something like this:
  2. In VanillaSoft (still as an Admin) go to desired Project and Call Scripts (under Field Customization)
  3. Select the desired subscript and paste the URL link
  4. Replace the string of numbers at the end with the Contact Variable for your custom field. In our example, it would look like this: ID/
  5. Next, to make the URL a hyperlink, highlight it with your cursor, first copy, then click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon on the toolbar
  6. Paste the URL into the Link URL field
  7. In same box, select "Open link in a new window" from the Target dropdown
  8. Click Insert
  9. Save Changes for your script
    You will now have a clickable link built in to your script that takes you directly to your Infusionsoft customer record sheet.
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