License Types in VanillaSoft

In VanillaSoft Pro there are three main license types. They are:

  •  Admin Combo License – this login gives access to the administrative side where projects are created, managed and maintained. This login also gives access to the caller side. Each account must have at least one Admin Combo login
  •  Caller License – this login gives access to the caller side where they are routed contacts to call, make notes, email schedule call backs to their calendar, add search etc.
  •   Limited User License – this login gives access to the caller side but with no lead routing. The user is automatically taken to their calendar or their list of owned contacts. This login is designed for sales people that do not do much outbound calling but will be following up on leads within the system allowing management to track the entire cycle.

 Dialing and/or recording options can be added to each of these license types.


For companies that are setting appointments within VanillaSoft it is also possible to create External Agents in the Appointment Setting module. This will create a calendar for the agent within VanillaSoft so that callers can book appointments into the calendar. External Agents are not able to log into  VanillaSoft, however, and have no access to their calendars. They can receive appointment notices automatically by email.

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