How to Copy Project Settings to Create a New Project

The settings of an existing Project can easily be copied to create a new Project, saving you the time of starting a brand new Project from scratch. 

This means things like workflow settings, call scripts, web leads, page layout, email templates, custom fields, saved queries, and reporting will be copied. However, Contacts are not copied, and certain settings listed below are not copied.

- Items that will not be copied over to the new Project:

  • Result Code based email settings
  • Result Code based SMS settings
  • Intellective Routing filters (including Geolocation filters)
  • Email Drip settings
  • Salesforce settings
  • Zapier settings
  • DocuSign settings
  • Payment gateway settings
  • For Appointment settings, the email and SMS notifications and reminders don't copy
  • All outgoing web leads are inactivated (ie. set to not active)

 - The steps to copy a Project are as follows:

  1. Login to VanillaSoft as an Administrator
  2. Click the Projects menu at the of the page to open the Active Projects list.
  3. Click the 'Copy' icon next to the Project. 
  4. Enter a name for the new Project and click OK.
  5. The new Project will be created, and will open to the Project Settings page.

- To copy Contacts from one Project to another, please click here.

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