How to Add a New User

In order to add a new user, you must have Account Admin access since these change will affect your monthly bill. Prices are shown during this process before you complete the steps, but if you would like more information on pricing, please reach out to our Sales team by calling 866-763-8826 option 1 or by emailing


To Add a User

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Account Admin.
  2. Select Users from the menu at the top.
  3. Click the Add User button at the top of the users list. 
  4. Fill out each of the fields with the new user's information.
  5. Select which type of type of user access they will have along with any additional options.
  6. Select the desired VS VoIP Line options along with any additional options.
  7. Once done, click Save.

The new user will now be able to log in to VanillaSoft using the email address, that was entered in the username field, as both the username and password. 

Note: Information is sent to the new user via email to the address that was entered in the Email field. If an invalid email address is entered here, the new user will not receive the sent information such as helpful article links, VoIP credentials, and any other information that a new user would need. 


To see what features and restrictions each account type offers, view our Account Types in VanillaSoft article.

If you have an existing user and would like to change their account type, view our How to Change User Type article.

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