How to add a new user

You must be an Account Admin to add new users.  Please be aware that you will be charged for new users to your account on your next invoice.  To add a new user:

  1. Login as an Account Admin
  2. Go to Users
  3. Go to Add New User
  4. Fill out the required information (the Email will be used as the From address for sent emails)
  5. When selecting User type please be aware that each license type has a different price and that both dialing and recording licenses are additional fees.  You must select either Caller, Administrator Combo or Limited as the User Type.  From there you may select whether you want your new user to have auto-dialing (preview or progressive dialing requires this license) and/or Call Recording.  A User with Call Recording allows their calls to be recorded and uploaded to your VanillaSoft account.  A User who only needs to listen to recordings does not need a Recording license.
  6. Save  

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