How To Upload Images to Email Templates

  1. Log in as an Admin
  2. Select your Project
  3. Under the "Email & Docs" heading and select "Document Library"
  4. Click the "Browse" button ("Choose File" if you are using Chrome), navigate to your image and click the "Open" button
  5. Give the image a description and then click the green plus (+) sign to upload the image
  6. In the "Imported Documents" section, click on the image name listed in the "Filename/Hyperlink" column
  7. Your image will open in a new browser window
  8. Copy the image URL in the new browser window
  9. Under the "Email & Docs" heading select Email Templates
  10. Click on the "Insert/edit image" icon depicted below:
  11. In the "insert/edit image" window that opens paste the URL from step 9 into the Source field then click "Ok"
  12. Click the green "Save" button
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