How to set up a mail merge document

VanillaSoft's mail merge system allows you to upload a document to your project that will have fields automatically populated from leads within your project.  You can add these files to leads individually or in bulk depending on the type of task in VanillaSoft you're looking to perform.

You may have two types of mail merge documents to send as an attachment to an Email Template:

WORD document - Insert these pre-defined field names into your WORD doc:

Basic fields: 


Pre-Defined Last Call fields:

LastOfCallDate, LastOfCallTime, LastOfDuration, LastOfResultCode, LastOfResult, ResultCount, LastOfComment, LastOfCallHistoryUserName, LastOfCallHistoryNameLastFirst, ResultGroup, UserAlias, TimeOffSet, LastOfCallDateTime, LastCallRecording, CallHistorySummary, CallRecordingSummary

When using pre-defined variables for your Word mail merge document each variable must be surrounded by braces.  For example, the first name variable in your Word document would need to be entered as {FIRSTNAME}.  

Custom Fields and Phone Fields must be surrounded by forward slashes.  For example, a Custom Field labelled "Custom 1" would need to be entered in your Word document as /Custom 1/.  A phone field like "home" would need to be entered as /home/.  

Once your WORD doc is ready, add document to VS library choosing the Add New Type of Mail-Merge Template (Word)

Adobe PDF Form - Must first be designed within Acrobat using any desired field names

  1. Add document choosing the Add New Type of Mail-Merge Template (PDF)
  2. When the form is imported, the system will prompt you to map the fields that it detects within the form to VanillaSoft fields
  3. Map fields

To set up a mail merge document in your Document Library:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Email&Docs
  4. Select Document Library

Note: You may now attach your document merged with the contact info to emails or the caller may simply click on the document to open the merged document in a PDF format. 

The Adobe format may also be used by the Admin to batch merge using the Contact Managment Task of Mail-Merge Contacts.  The WORD format is not supported in Contact Management area.

Information on troubleshooting common mail merge issues can be found in the following Knowledge Base article.

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