How do I create an Email Template?

To create an Email Template:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select your Project
  3. Go to Email&Docs
  4. Select Email Templates
  5. Select "By Default , Callers in this Project send email with" - Emails can be sent either through the VanillaSoft email form or from a desktop Email client (such as MS Outlook). By default callers will use the setting on this page.  This setting can be changed for individual callers by editing their profile from the "Users" page, or in their "Profile" page.
  6. In the Manage Email Template section, click Add, enter the Email template name and click Add
  7. Data Enter the Subject line
  8. Create the body of the email in the HTML body (which will be used if emails are sent using the VanillaSoft Web Email Form) and/or the Plain Text Body (which will be used if emails are sent using a desktop application). Note: Variables can be inserted into the email templates.
  9. Attach documents to the template if desired
  10. Check the box ‘Available to Callers’ when the template is completed and ready to use
  11. Save
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