How to Create Call Scripts

VanillaSoft offers powerful logical branch scripting and survey data entry.  There are four steps (or sections) you may choose to utilize. 

  • First, you may create multiple scripts to assign to specific Teams or Lead Statuses. 
  • Secondly, each Script can contain multi SubScripts for each step of a conversation such as objections or survey questions. 
  • Thirdly each SubScript can be set to branch to the next appropriate SubScript based on the Response from the Contact. 
  • Lastly, you may set-up each SubScript to collect Survey Data.  Below are the steps to create Scripts

How to Create a New Script:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Field Customization
  4. Select Call Scripts
  5. Click on New Call Script and enter a name
  6. Click Add
  7. To assign this script to only particular Teams or Lead Status' go to Assign Scripts to Teams or Lead Status

How to Create SubScripts:

  1. Select the Script
  2. Enter a name for the Subscript in the Subscript section
  3. Click Add to add the new SubScript
  4. Your new Subscript will automatically be highlighted in the SubScripts menu.  When you want to edit a SubScript always highlight from menu and the corresponding SubScript editing fields will show to the right.
  5. In the SubScript Text box data enter the actual verbiage or message for the User to see when on this Subscript
  6. Save

Note: We recommend you create all your SubScripts before setting up SubScript Responses and Data Collection.

How to Create SubScript Responses (This sets up the logical branching)

  1. Select your first SubScipt from the SubScript menu
  2. You will see the SubScript Responses area at the bottom right
  3. Add a new Response or branch by data entering a Response.  This entry will create the button (link) that the end user will click on to branch to appropriate SubScript.
  4. Next select a Target SubScript from the pull down menu of SubScripts.  This sets which SubScript the Response button branches to
  5. Click the blue plus sign

Note: You may add as many Response buttons as needed

How to Set-up Survey Data Entry

  1. Select your first SubScipt from the SubScript menu

  2. You will see the SubScript ResponseData Collection with pull down menu to choose one of the following:
    • "None" - This selection will set that SubScript to NOT collect any data.
    • "Input Box - User Types in Info" - This selection will create a data entry field for the Caller to data enter free form information.
    • "Selection Menu -- User selects info from a menu" - This will collect the value of the Response button clicked PLUS present a menu for the User to select an additional  value to be saved.  When creating the script, this selection will allow a "Menu Field" and pull down selection to appear.  From this choose the Other Info Field whose menu the User will choose from to auto enter the additional value/s.  This will present a menu to the User to select value/s that will be data entered into the corresponding Other Info field.  This selection is generally used when you need to select multiple answers to the same survey question.
    • "Automatic -- Tracks name of SubScript" - This will collect the value of Response button clicked only.
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