TAPI Test Page

Use of this TAPI test page can be used by VanillaSoft support personnel to trouble shoot why auto-dialing with a PBX is not working properly.

To use the TAPI test page:

  1. Login as the caller and make sure that the TAPI dialing information is properly configured in the Dialing Info page
  2. Click the blue arrow on the top left to go to a contact
  3. Place the following link into the browser's address bar and enter: https://vanillasoft.net/caller/Dialer2.asp?number=5556667777
  4. Replace the above phone number with a live phone number to test call
  5. The page that appears returns the TAPI status

Note: The page does not hang up the line until the window is closed or you click the browser's Back button.

To experiment with different Media Modes, use the parameter MM, like this:  https://vanillasoft.net/caller/Dialer2.asp?number=5556667777&MM=4
For MM, the values to experiment with are: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 128, but really only 2 to 16 should be used because the other two are for FAX communications.
If a specific Media Mode value solves the problem, then report back to development to have that customer or user configured to use that mode by default.

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