Troubleshooting VanillaSoft VoIP Quality Issues

If you are having call quality issues, there are a few steps you can try to test your connection to see if it is contributing to the problems.

The first thing to check is your connection type – are you wired or wireless?  If you are on a wireless connection, trying plugging in hard wired if at all possible.  If you can’t, try moving your system around the office/house a bit to see if you get a better connection in different locations.  Please be aware that cellular-network based internet connections will not work properly with a true VoIP connection.

Next, go to and run a test to the nearest local server.  For ideal VoIP quality, your ping should be under 100ms (lower is always better), your download should be at least 5mbps and your upload should be at least 2mpbs.  VoIP can function at speeds lower than this, but you may run into quality issues.  If your test comes back with good numbers, click on the button that says “New Server”, and find a server in the State of New York and run the test again.  ConnectMeVoice, our VoIP provider, has its servers located there.  You are once again looking for numbers similar to above.  If you are getting slower speeds, please check to make sure you are getting what you pay for – most high-speed providers should give you these minimum numbers.

You should then check your connection at  This site tests and assigns a relative grade to your internet connection for its quality for VoIP and other internet applications.  As with the above speed test, please try running the test selecting the server in New York.  A grade of A indicates a very solid connection, a B grade indicates an adequate connection and anything graded C or lower will have call quality issues.  If you see any packet loss, please contact your ISP, as this indicates a potential hardware problem with your internet connection.

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