How to set up a conference call with X-Lite

There are three ways to set up a conference call with X-Lite 3.0:
• “Manual Setup: AA Off and AC Off”, below
• “AA Off and AC On”
• “Conference Server Mode: AA on and AC On”

Manual Setup: AA Off and AC Off
Users can host a conference by calling the other parties involved, or by allowing them to call in to the local

Starting a Conference Call
To host a conference between several callers:
1. With one active call, place the call on hold by either:
• selecting the other line and dialing a third party, or
• clicking an incoming call.
2. To add all existing calls to a conference, click CONF. All lines will become participants in the conference.
3. To suspend a conference, click CONF to place all remote parties on hold. The other participants will not be
able to speak to one another.
With a conference on hold, users can talk privately to one party by clicking the appropriate line.
4. To restart the conference, click CONF again.

Note that users can become a conference host even if they did not initiate the original call. For example, one
person could phone in, after which the local user could place and accept other calls and establish a conference.

Adding a Party to an Active Conference
1. Place the conference on hold by clicking CONF.
2. Invite another party to the conference by either:
• Selecting the line of an incoming call.
• Selecting an available line to initiate a call to an outside party.
• Right-clicking a name in the Calls & Contacts tab.
Users can speak to new parties while the conference is on hold.
3. To add all active lines to the conference, click CONF.

Removing a Party during an Active Conference
1. Suspend the conference by clicking CONF.
2. Select the line of the participant who will be leaving the conference.
3. Say goodbye to the party, then click the red phone icon.
4. Click CONF to reestablish the conference.
A party can also leave a conference on their own by simply hanging up.

Removing all Parties
If a conference call is in progress (not on hold), users can hang up on all parties and thus end the conference by
clicking the red phone icon.

Manual Answering & Automatic Conferencing: AA Off and AC On
“Users answer calls manually and X-Lite adds each to the conference automatically.”
1. Click AC to enable auto-conferencing.
2. Answer the first call. There is no need to put the call on hold.
3. Answer the next call that comes in on the second line. X-Lite will create an automatic conference for the
local user and both remote parties.
• The conference gets established even if one line was on hold.
• X-Lite includes all lines in the conference call, including those that were on hold.

Automatic Conference Server Mode: AA on and AC On
“X-Lite acts as a fully-automated conference server.”
1. Click AC and AA to enable auto-answering and auto-conferencing.
2. When the first call comes in, X-Lite will answer automatically. Local users can speak to this remote party.
3. When another call arrives, X-Lite will answer automatically and add the remote party to a conference call.
While the Call Is in Progress
Changing the Mode
While a conference call is in progress, users can change between any of the modes described above by enabling
the desired combination of AA and AC.

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