How to setup dialing with Skype

To set up dialing with Skype

Step 1: Setting up Skype: 

  1. Go to and download the latest version of Skype. Either Run or save the software.
  2. a. If you downloaded the install file double click the install file to run it.

    b. If a prompt comes up that asks you to run the software, click on Run.

  3. Click on I agree – next.

  4. Click continue

  5. Uncheck the check boxes for setting homepages and then click on continue. The program will then install.

  6. When Skype opens up, click on Tools.

  7. Click on Options

  8. Click on Advanced Settings

  9. Put a check in the Use Skype to call callto: links on the web

  10. Click Save

Step 2: Setting up in VanillaSoft:

  1. Login as a Caller

  2. Go to your Username

  3. Select Test Controls and make sure everything passes. If you get a pop up, please install the addons

  4. Next, select Dialing Info

  5. For Line Type click on SIP and select Skype from the drop down menu

  6. Save Changes

You are now ready to dial.  Go back to Home and then click on a phone number to test.


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