Enable International Dialing

If you will be using VanillaSoft to dial numbers from different countries, you will need to change some settings to allow for this. These changes are only needed if you are dialing multiple different countries with different phone number formats. If you are only calling within the same country, or between countries that have the same format (such as Canada and United States), there is no need to make these changes. 


Step 1 - Project Setting

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.
  2. Open the desired Project.
  3. Select the Dialing & Recording section at the top of the page.
  4. Open the Allow Dialing Multiple Countries drop-down and select Yes.
  5. Once done, click Save.


VanillaSoft will now be able to format phone numbers correctly when importing. Any contacts previously imported will need to be re-imported to have the correct phone number formatting. Your import spreadsheet will need to include the country code for each phone number in order to import correctly.


Step 2 - Import Setting

  1. Open the Contacts & Reports tab at the top of the page and select the Import Contacts section.
  2. Proceed with importing contacts as normal until you get to the mapping page.
  3. Once you get to the Map Fields page, scroll down to the Phone Information section.
  4. Check the Phone Numbers Start with the Country Code checkbox.
  5. Proceed with mapping the rest of the fields and the import process.



Your contacts, in this project, will now have their appropriate country code included. This is a project-specific setting. If you would like these settings applied to a different project, you will need to go through the steps above on each desired project.

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