Why are my Call Back times off?

Call Back times being off is usually a Time Zone setting.  First item to check is your own TimeZone setting.  To do this:

  1. Login as a Caller
  2. Click on your username
  3. Select your Time Zone
  4. Save Changes

If this was not set or set incorrectly, all Call Backs going forward will be correctly set.  This will NOT reset Call Back times previously set.

If the incorrect times are for an External Agent that you are setting appointments for then your company's VanillaSoft Admin will need to:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Routing
  4. Select Appointment Setting
  5. Go to Manage External Agents
  6. Select the External Agent
  7. Select correct time zone
  8. Save Changes

If Time Zones were correct, the issue could be not fully understanding the time zones when selecting the time for the Call Back when resulting a call.  Things to consider when selecting that time:

  1. Contact's Time - This time is determined by the Contact's first phone number that VanillaSoft can detect the time zone from. (VanillaSoft can not determine toll free numbers or invalid area codes).  There is a possibility that the contact does not reside in the same time zone of their phone number.  This happens most when contact's move but keep their old cell phone number.
  2. Caller's Time - This time is determined by your set time zone


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