Why aren't my Call Backs routing to me?

There could be several reasons that a sceduled, calendared call (call back) may not be routing back to you as expected:

If you can see the Call Back on you calendar:

  1. Missed Call Backs will be routed the next time you login IF the call back TIME has already come that day.  VanillaSoft asssumes that time of day is an important aspect of setting a call back because of time zones, B2B vs B2C calls etc.  So if you scedule a call at 5:00pm but start leaving the office at 4:55pm everyday that call back will never route until you work past 5:00pm again.  In this case simply click on the calendar event to make your call.
  2. Call Backs will only route to you if you are logged into the Project the contact is assigned to.  In this case you may login to the desired Project or simply click on the calendar event to make your call.

If you do NOT see the Call Back on your calendar:

In this case something has happened "behind the scenes" that has taken this call back away from you and you should Contact your company's VanillaSoft Admin.  Possible issues could be:

  1. The contact has been re-resulted which deletes your call back information.
  2. A Contact Management Update Query was implemented with a mistake and altered the call back information or inadvertetly Closed the contact.
  3. An Admin has gone into the Admin Contact Edit page and edited the call back information or Closed the contact by hand.
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