How to set up Voice Drop for pre-configured companies

Step 1: Set Up the Voice Drop feature in VanillaSoft

  1. Login as a Caller
  2. Go to your User Profile by clicking on your username in the upper-right
  3. Select Dialing Info
  4. To download the executable file, right click the “VanillaSoft Add-On” link
  5. Select “Save target as…” and save to your Desktop.  Alternatively you can use this link to download the Voice Drop Add-On installation file.
  6. Go to the download location and right click on the VSAutoDial.exe file and click "Run as Administrator" - if this is not done, the addon may not install properly
  7. Once installed, Click OK

Step 2: Recording your messages

  1. From your softphone or IP Phone Dial *99
  2. If you have a multi-extension account, when prompted, enter your extension, followed by the # key Otherwise skip this step
  3. Enter your 4 digit access code
  4. (Note if this is the first time calling in, the system will prompt you to record your name). Please just record your name per the system instructions
  5. From the main menu press 4 for greetings
  6. Press 5 to record your pre-recorded message
  7. Follow the system prompts to confirm and save the recording

Using the recorded message while on a call:

  1. When you hear a voice mail start playing immediately click on the VoiceMail link on the VanillaSoft Contact page.  Do not wait for the beep.
  2. Your phone line will disconnect and your pre-recorded message will now start recording
  3. You may now move on to your next call


Note: Mac users do not have the ability to use the VanillaSoft interface of clicking the VoiceMail link.  However, users can simply use their softphone or IP Phone to leave the message.  When you hear a voice mail dial 99[X], where X is the number of the message you'd like to leave.

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