What is Panel Layout?

The Panel Layout page allows you to configure the default layout for the caller screen. You are able to define the maximum number of panels and the position of tabs within the panels.

There are several types of tabs available. 

First there are the Standard tabs: custom field tabs, the script tab, the email tab, the attachment tab and the Comments tab. The email and attachment tabs only appear on the caller screen when there is an email or attachment for the contact. The Standard tabs cannot be removed but can be positioned across the panels. The appearance of these tabs on the caller screen can change based on project settings, for example. team-related custom tabs and whether there is a script or not.

The second type is the Contact WebLink Tab. Every custom field that is defined as a data type of Web link will generate a tab that can be placed separately in the panels. These tabs can also be removed from the panels if desired.

The third type of tabs are optional tabs made available by VanillaSoft for specific pre-defined functions, and may depend upon the features you have. Examples are the Map tab and the CMV HUD tab. The CMV HUD tab, for example, requires the use of VanillaSoft VoIP.

Finally, it is possible to create Fixed Web Link tabs with pre-defined URLs. These tabs can be placed in panel and will always access the URL that you have defined.

A default layout is assigned to each project. In order to customize the project layout you can:

1. Choose the maximum number of panels available. These are panels in addition to the Contact panel. The minimum is 1, the maximum is 3, although the number of panels may change based on the resolution of the screen.

2. In the Available Tabs drop-down you can add any additional tabs that are available. By default the Standard tabs and Custom Field tabs will already be placed in panels. To add a tab select it from the list and click Add. You can specify the panel to which it should be added using the Panel drop-down.

3. To create a tab with a fixed URL click on Create Web Tab. You can then name the tab and set the Web Page Link. It can be in the form of vanillasoft.com, www.vanillasoft.com, or http://www.vanillasoft.com. If the link is a secure site you must format it as https://www.vanillasoft.com. Once you click Save the tab will be added to the drop-down list and you can then add it to a panel. To edit the tab at a later date simply select it from the list and click Edit Web Tab or Delete Web Tab.

4. Once you have added tabs you can move them between panels by selecting the tab in the panel and using the arrows to move them. When you select a tab within a panel a Panel Preview box will appear below. This will show you the layout of the tabs within the panel, and you can change the order by dragging and dropping the tabs. It is also possible to remove tabs by selecting the tab and then clicking Remove from Panel. As noted above certain tabs cannot be removed, in which case the Remove from Panel button will be grayed out.

5. When you are finished your modifications, click Save.

The panel layout is saved on a per-project basis so you can modify it based on the requirements of the project. Callers will be able to adjust the size of the panels on their screen to suit their

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