How to pause call backs from routing to work in general call queue

There may be times when a User's calendar gets too full with non-time sensitive scheduled call backs that the general queue needs to be worked before the scheduled calls.  To pause call backs and route the general queue calls an Admin must first enable this feature.  To enable this feature for your Users:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Page Layout
  4. Go to Calendar
  5. Check the box for Allow Pausing of Callbacks
  6. Save

The User may now:

  1. Login as a Caller
  2. Go to Calendar
  3. Click on Pause Callbacks
  4. Go back to Caller page

This will start a timer of 15 minutes.  During this time scheduled call backs will be suppressed and contacts in the User's general queue will route instead.  After 15 minutes the call backs will automatically start to route again.  At any time during the 15 minutes a User may click on the Pause Callbacks again to end the timer and start routing the scheduled calls again.

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