How to assign contacts to a Team

There are four different ways to assign contacts to a Team.

At time of import

This can be done by clicking the "Enable Default Value" box on the Import Mapping page and selecting the Team name from the drop down menu across from the Team field.

If multiple teams are required, add a new column to your CSV file and populate with the Team name. Make the column header 'Team' and make sure this field is mapped to the Team field before starting import.

Assign Team when a contact is resulted

You can set up a result code to assign a Contact to a Team once that result code is used. From the Result Code page go to the User Assignment column drop down beside the result code. You can assign the contact to a specific Team, a specific Team and User, or give the user the ability to choose which team to assign the contact.

After import, batch update

Build a Contact Management query of the contacts you want to assign to a Team. In this query,

  1. Add in the Team field
  2. Run the query, click on Perform Task and select Update Contacts
  3. Check the Team field, select the Team that you want to assign to.
  4. Click on Update Contacts

Edit one contact at a time

Search contact from admin side, assign a Team by selecting from the drop-down menu beside the Team field.

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