When I map my .csv file in VanillaSoft all the fields merge into 1 field

While most .csv (comma separated value) files use a comma as the separator between fields on occasion a software application may export a .csv file that means "character separated value".  In these cases the separator character used between the fields may be a semi-colon or a tab for example.  Please use of the two solutions below:

Computer is set to English:

Open your file in Excel and re-save choosing the Save as Type of CSV (comma delimited)

Computer is set to language other than English:

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel
  2. Open the "Region and Language" item
  3. At the bottom of the Formats tab, click "Additional settings"
  4. On the Numbers tab, find the "List separator" option and open the dropdown menu
    1. If it has a comma option, select it from the dropdown and click OK on all boxes
    2. If there is no comma option, then click Cancel from that screen. Then open the Format dropdown and choose English (US) or English (Canada). Click OK.
  5. Now when you save the Excel file to CSV, the seperators are commas and the file will import properly into VanillaSoft.

NOTE: If you had to use method 4.2, then of course that will change your date and number formats within your Windows operating system. You may want to revert that to its original setting after having saved your Excel file into CSV format.

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