How to Set up and Use Appointment Proximity on Calendars

The Proximity for Appointment Setting Calendars feature allows appointment setters to see which existing appointments are close in proximity to the contact they are currently setting an appointment with. To set up this feature:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go To Routing
  4. Select Appointment Setting
  5. Enter a distance value in the section that reads: “Highlight calendar appointments within [      ] miles of the current contact based on Zip/Postal code”.
  6. Save

Now, when viewing a salesperson's appointment calendar, all appointments within the pre-set proximity will be highlighted in green.  This makes it easier to identify the best spot to book a new appointment. To see the actual distance in miles for each contact, hover over the appointments.



  • This feature is only available to users in projects set on Dialing Country of US/Canada.
  • All proximity features currently work based on Zip/Postal Code. Some Zip/Postal Codes cover more area than others, so the accuracy will vary. The database is updated quarterly.
  • In the US, hundreds of zip codes are changed per year. Please use this link to the USPS site for the definitive zip code guide:!input.action?mode=2&refresh=true.
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