What can an Account Admin do that Admins Can't?

There are 2 types of Admin user licenses available.  They both cost the same, but the Account Admins serves as a super admin. The functions that Account Admins can perform that an Admin can NOT are:

  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Manage user licenses (edit dialing and recording licenses and edit user type)
  • Set Search Restrictions on Contacts owned by others
  • Set Switching Restrictions for callers
  • Assign Team Result Codes
  • They have a link for My Account where they can set the main account settings

The first user to create a new VanillaSoft account is defaulted as the Account Admin.  If more Account Admins are needed please contact your VanillaSoft rep or support to upgrade an existing user to the Account Admin level.  The same when you need to downgrade and if you need to delete an existing Account Admin.

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