How to hide past call history from the User's view

This feature can be used when an old contact is brought back into the call queue for a new purpose.  Another use for this feature is that a older contact could be pre-judged by history when in fact a fresh start is needed.  You may hide all past call history from the User's view. 

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Contact Management (under Contacts & Reports)
  4. Click Build a New Query
  5. Select the field Hide History
  6. Add any other fields and criteria if you want to filter down to certain contacts
  7. Run Query
  8. Click Perform Task
  9. Select Update Contacts
  10. Check the Hide History BoxT
  11. Select the value of YES
  12. Click Update contacts

Note: A user will not be able to view and call history entries from the date this task was performed and older.  All future Call History entries will show.


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