How fast should my internet connection be?

VanillaSoft's Lead Management software runs well with any high speed internet connection. The recommended speed starts at 5 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload.

VoIP however requires a minimum of 5 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload for residential or small office use (1-5 phones).  A rule of thumb is that for each additional 5 phones you will need an additional 1 Mbps Upload VoIP.

For office use there are a variety of variables.  You may remit a ticket above to discuss your personal set-up.  Questions would include:

  • How many VoIP lines are needed?
  • Are your computers sharing the same network as the phones?
  • Do you plan to use softphones vs IP desk phones? Softphones require more speed.
  • Do you use a router or switch with QOS (Quality of service) capabilities?  A router will give the VoIP traffic priority.
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