When I click on an email address it pops up Outlook or another application. How do I use VanillaSoft?

VanillaSoft can send emails using:

  • VaniillaSoft's Web Server
  • The User's Email Web Server
  • or a third-party desktop application (this is your case now)

To switch to VanillaSoft's Web Server: The default setting for a project can be found on the Email Templates page (under Email & Docs) on the admin side. The setting can also be adjusted for an individual user from their Profile page.

To switch to your own Web Server: An Admin will need to grant privileges on the User Profile Page.  Then the User may set this up from the Profile page.

Note: Emails sent using a Web Server can be full HTML emails and may include automatic attachments. When sending emails using a third-party desktop application the emails must be in a text format and files can not be pre-attached.

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