When I click on an email address it pops up Outlook or another application. How do I use VanillaSoft?

VanillaSoft can send emails using:

  • Email form inside VanillaSoft, using either VanillaSoft mail server or a defined mail server (e.g. personal or business Gmail account); or
  • a third-party desktop email application such as Microsoft Outlook.

What VanillaSoft uses is defined by the Administrator in the Projects / Email, SMS & Docs / Email Templates page. The DEFAULT is using VanillaSoft's Web Email Form.


This setting overrides any other settings in the application. For example, if the administrator says the project will send emails via a Desktop Email Application, then even if the end user configures his account to send email using their own web server, the email will actually be sent using the Desktop Email Application.

To switch to VanillaSoft's Email Form:

  • Ensure that "Callers in this Project send email with" is set to VanillaSoft's Web Email Form.
  • The default setting for a project can be found on the Email Templates page (under Projects / Email, SMS & Docs) on the admin side.

The setting can also be adjusted for an individual user from their Profile page and switch "Send Emails Using" to "VanillaSoft's Web Email Form" option.

To send email from your own Web Server:

An Admin will need to grant privileges on the User Profile Page.  Then the User may set this up from the Profile page.


  • Emails sent using a Web Server (VanillaSoft's or your own)
    • The application will use the HTML Body portion of an email template.
    • If any attachments have been defined in the email template, these will be automatically attached.
  • Emails sent using a third-party desktop application
    • The application will use the Plain Text Body portion of an email template (maximum 1000 characters).
    • Attachments will NOT be automatically attached.
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