How to Send Mass Email

VanillaSoft’s native emailing functionality is designed for quick and easy follow-up when working a contact record, and does not allow for mass emailing. We have integrated with Vertical Response, however, to offer mass emailing from VanillaSoft. This feature can be turned on from the Email & Docs – Mass Email page. Email templates are created within Vertical Response. From within VanillaSoft you can query out the list and schedule the campaign. You can also obtain campaign statistics from within VanillaSoft.

To send a Mass Email to VanillaSoft Contacts through Verticle Response:

Step 1, Creating your Email:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Select Project
  3. Go to Email & Docs
  4. Select Mass Email
  5. Click on Create/Edit Email Template for Campaign
  6. Click on Buy Now to purchase email credits
  7. Go to Email and select New
  8. Create your Email by following the steps presented on your screen - at this stage you are actually inside of Vertical Response and they will be able to provide support for email creation.  When email is complete you want to go back into VanillaSoft to send to your VanillaSoft Contacts.  Ignore the other Vertical Response offereings if you want to email VanillaSoft Contacts.  You are welcome to utlize this Vertical Response account by importing any other lists.

Step 2, Create your list of VanillaSoft Contacts and send your email:

  1. Go to Contacts&Reporting
  2. Select Contact Management
  3. Click on Build A New Query
  4. Select the Contact's Email address field and any other fields that is set up to merge into your email or needed to filter your list by
  5. Filter your list and Run Query
  6. After you are happy with your list to email, click on Perform Task
  7. Select Blast and Mass Email Contacts
  8. Enter a Name and description that will show up as a green entry in the contact's CallHistory to mark the fact they received this email and will show if opened, bounced etc.
  9. Check Mass Email Contacts using Verticle Response
  10. Next, Check Yes, I have read the VerticleResponse Emailing Terms
  11. Next, Select the Name of the VerticleResponse email
  12. Next, assuming you have previously Previewed in VerticleResponse
  13. Next, assuming you have already sent test email from VerticleResponse
  14. Set Launch Date and Time
  15. If you want the contact's record to route to a salesperson upon their opening the email, set those parameters
  16. Finish

 Note: The blast tag will be built immediately even if you set a future launch date.

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