Attach a File to an Email Template

Attach files directly to your Email Templates to avoid the need to manually attaching the file each time you send an email. This feature works while using the VanillaSoft's Web Email Form (Email sent using Desktop Email Application [a third-party application] can not include pre-defined attachments). More information on how to configure an Email Template can be found in our How To Create an Email Template article.

In order to attach a file to an Email Template, you must first have it saved in your Document Library. Steps on how to upload files to your Document Library can be found in our Add File to Document Library article.


Attach a File to an Email Template

  1. Log in to VanillaSoft as an Admin.

  2. Select the desired Project.

  3. Open the Email, SMS & Docs menu and select the Email Templates section.

  4. Open the Email Template you would like to test.
    • For an existing template, open the Email Template list drop-down and select an existing template

    • For a new template, click Add to begin creating a new template

  5. Scroll down to the Email Attachments section.

  6. Select the file(s) you want to attach from the Public Files in Documents Library list.

  7. Click the blue right-arrow.

  8. You should see the file(s) now listed in the Attached to this Email list. 

  9. Once done, click Save.

Once this has been completed, anytime you send the configured Email Template(s) the attachment will also be sent automatically. 

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