What is a Softphone?

What exactly is a softphone anyway?

A softphone simply replaces the desk phone device.  You still require dial tone service through a VoIP provider.

A softphone is software installed on your computer that allows a you to make telephone calls on your computer, over the internet, instead of using a traditional hardware, desk phone next to your computer.  When the softphone software is opened on your computer a window appears with an image typically showing a telephone keypad and buttons like on a traditional desk phone. A softphone is usually used with a USB headset plugged into a USB port on your computer accessing your soundcard. 

Some softphones are free, others may be purchased when more features are required, and some VoIP service providers offer their own proprietary softphone with their service.

The most common softphones utilized with VanillSoft's auto dialing features are:

  • X-lite, Bria and eyebeam all by Counterpath (generic and supported by most VoIP providers)
  • Skype's proprietary softphone
  • Ring Central's proprietary softphone
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