How do I Live Hot Transfer (3-Way) with VanillaSoft VoIP

With VanillaSoft VoIP a User may transfer a call to a 3rd person, introduce the prospect to the salesperson and then disconnect the call so the User may move on to making more prospecting calls.

Live Hot Transfer to internal extensions in your VanillaSoft VoIP account:

You may use any phone device to hot transfer a call to another extension on your system. To perform a Live Hot Transfer please utilize the Supervised Transfer functionality:

  1. Open your HUD (Heads up Display) in your VoIP portal.
  2. On the HUD Screen, click on the Supervised Transfer icon  Supervised_Transfer_Icon.PNG for the Salesperson you wish to transfer to
  3. Once the Salesperson answers, press 0 to add the hot prospect to the line for a 3-way call
  4. Make your introductions and hang up to leave the call
  5. The Hot Prospect and the Salesperson will be able to continue their call while you may go on to make more calls

Live Hot Transfer to someone outside of your VanillaSoft VoIP account:

Outside hot transfers require either a Polycom or Aastra IP desk phone as your device.  If you are set up using either of these phones please refer to their support for keypad instructions.

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