How to set up Dialing with X-Lite, eyeBeam or Bria softphones using VS VoIP (ConnectMe Voice)

Use the following instructions to set-up dialing with Counterpath softphones and VS VoIP (ConnectMe Voice).

VanillaSoft Account Set Up:

First ensure your user has a dialing license. Either add a new user with Auto-Dialing or enable an existing user:

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Go to Users
  3. Go to Manage User Licenses
  4. Check mark the corresponding box in Auto-Dialing column
  5. Save


  1. Login as the Caller
  2. Click on Username
  3. Go to Dialing Info
  4. Select the Line Type of SIP and select ConnectMe Voice Softphone as Line Provider
  5. Data enter your CMV credentials
  6. Save

Softphone Set-up:

  1. Install softphone on your computer
  2. Click on the Show menu button at the top of the device graphic (the first button on the left/top)
  3. Chose SIP account settings
  4. Select “Add
  5. Set the following using the information provided (the information below is just an example).

Note: Display, User and Authorization Name are all the 11 digit phone number (including the 1 in front). Example here is 1xxxxxxxxxx)

Display Name:   1xxxxxxxxxx

User Name:   1xxxxxxxxxx

Password:    zzzzzzzzzz

Authorization User Name:   1xxxxxxxxxx

Domain:   URL Provided by VanillaSoft (format is 5 digit number followed by or

Under Domain Proxy section:

Check the box for “Register with domain and receive incoming calls"

Check the box for “domain”

Click on Apply

  1. Under the Voicemail tab, uncheck “Check for voicemail”. Leave all others unchecked. Click Apply
  2. Under the Topology tab, check “Use local IP address”. Leave all others as is.  Click Apply
  3. Under the Presence tab, select “Disabled” in dropdown next to Mode. Click Apply
  4. Under the Advanced tab, uncheck “Send SIP keep-alives”. Leave all others as is.  Click Apply / OK

You should now see the device attempt to register. If it does, it will show the user name, and it is ready. You may now use the device. If this does not occur, please contact  customer support.



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