How To Move To The Next Contact

To move from one contact to another, you must select a Result Code on the far-right of your screen. There is no way to skip a contact as every contact that is routed to you, has to have a Result Code selected in order to move on to the next. Once you pick the appropriate Result Code, the contact you are on will be replaced with the next best contact for you. Depending how your dialing profile is setup, it may also start dialing automatically. If you want to find out more about having contacts be called automatically, check out our Configuring Progressive or Preview Dialing article. 

Once all other work is done for a contact, there are 2 ways to result the contact you are on. You can choose a Result Code from the Quick Result Call list or choose a Result Code from the full Result Codes list. If you have Admin access, you can configure which result codes are shown in the Quick Result Call list by following the steps in our Manage Quick Result Call List article. If the Result Code you want to select is not listed on the far-right, you will need to click Results at the top of the list, which will bring you to a list of all the available Result Codes. 

Once the appropriate result code is selected, that contact will follow the path that the most recent result code is configured for. 

Note: Selecting the Result Code is like selecting a Save option. It confirms your notes and moves you to the next contact so make sure all your comments are entered, appointments setup properly, and any other information you want that contact to have, is there before selecting a Result Code. 


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